Strategic Business Analysis

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Strategic Business Analysis


Procter and Gamble (P&G) is presently considered as one of the largest companies worldwide. Base on its 2003 company report, P&G markets nearly three hundred product brands. Whisper, Tide, Clairol, Downy, Pantene and Pampers are some of the world renowned brands marketed by the company. The success of P&G is not only evident by its wide product coverage but by the amount of its sales obtained from about a hundred and sixty nations. In addition, the company's growth has also been made evident by its hundred and fifteen manufacturing plants scattered in eighty countries. The progress of the P&G is also attributable to its workforce, which is made up of more than ninety thousand employees. One of the keys to the company's present success is the business strategies it has implemented over the years.

One of the strategic changes which are remarkable in the industry is its launch of Organisation 2005. Primarily, the goal of this paper is to analyse the launch of Organisation 2005 within the industry. The paper will discuss the factors that trigger the initiation of Organisation 2005 using SWOT analysis. In addition, this case study analysis also aims to relate the Organisation 2005 with the eight managerial Tasks for strategy execution, a model which has been formulated by Thompson and his colleagues.



It is a common fact that competition in the business world is very tough. Hence, the management of different organisation are trying to find the best way in order to be successful and achieve their organisational goal. For example, business, nowadays, have to cut cost to the bone by downsizing, outsourcing, offshore IT development and management. The growth and success...