Strategic challenges of the 21st Century

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Strategic challenges of the 21st Century


The first part of my module deals about 'what is strategy?'. Strategy basically deals with three basic questions and it applies to get the answer of these questions. The three questions are 'where are we today?', 'where we want to go in future?', and 'how we can go there?'. Strategy basically makes a bridge among these questions. Initially, strategy is related with or derives form the military vocabulary as term or tool. Than I explain the modern view of the strategy. I explain the concept of 'Globalisation' with its demands and complications. I also describe the impact of globalisation on the business.

The last session of this model is about indicating the some 'Strategic Challenges?with the cope of globalisation impact, which would be faced by the organisations. The first challenge for the any organisation is to find out the complexity of the task and setting the vision of the organisation.

Normally, strategy is designed by the top management and implemented by the operational management. In this model, I try to describe the every strategic challenge cope with schools of strategy by 'Mintzberg'. I have also included the different frameworks and diagrams of different authors. I have also included the different theories and concepts of other authors. All the challenges of the 21st century, I take form the Internet by the expert's strategic managers.

What is strategy?

There is no single, universally specific definition of strategy. Different authors, managers, and military leaders use this term differently; some include goals and objective as part of strategy while others make firm distinctions between them.

Initially strategies referred to a role (a general in command of an army). Later it came to mean "the art of the general," which is to say the psychological and behavioural skills...