Strategic Development Plans for Kudler Fine Foods

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Strategic Development Plans for Kudler Fine Foods

Leah de Rosa

University of Phoenix

Strategic Development Plans for Kudler Fine Foods

Stemming from her days as a Vice President in Marketing, Kathy Kudler had a passion for gourmet foods and cooking. After leaving the pressures of Marketing behind, Kathy was searching for an avenue to relieve her frustration which spurred from a lack of quality resources to gather the ingredients to cook a decent gourmet meal. Therefore, Kathy Kudler made the decision to open the first of her Kudler Fine Foods (Kudler's) Stores in La Jolla, California in 1998. After experiencing huge success with her first offering, she was able to expand her business to another location in Del Mar just two years later, and thereafter, she opened her third store in 2003 in Encinitas. Presently, Kudler's has new sales and marketing initiatives for increasing the loyalty of the consumer which in turn would increase profitability and is hoping to expand its business globally with Internet sales being offered to customers near and wide.

This paper will examine the strategic plan of the organization, the role of total quality management (TQM) in the organization's strategy, and will explore the issue of globalization and how it impacts the organization's total quality management position.


At Kudler's the customer is the primary focus. The Kudler's staff consists of a team of highly selective members who are specially trained to accommodate the needs of the customer, and to provide each customer with a pleasant and exciting shopping experience. Kudler's goes to all lengths to provide its customers with the finest gourmet food, wines, and high quality international foods and products, and makes certain the highest quality products...