Strategic HRM

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Under the rapid changing environment, many corporations are starting to focus heavily in the personnel development and improving HR practices in order to maintain their competitive advantage. A good HR system and organisational culture can lead to a company's success. The following case study is to analyse and evaluate Pfizer Inc and its HR practices and system.

Pfizer Inc, founded in 1849, is dedicated to better health and greater access to healthcare for people. Pfizer's mission is become the world's most valued company to patients, customers, colleagues, investors, business partners and the communities where it work and live. Their purpose is helping people can live longer, healthier, happier lives and route to that purpose is through discovering and developing breakthrough medicine. Providing information on prevention, wellness, and treatment. Consistently provide a high-quality manufacturing of medicines, consumer products and global leadership in corporate responsibility. To achieve the purpose and mission, Pfizer affirms the value of integrity, respect for people, customer focus, community, innovation, teamwork, teamwork, performance, leadership and quality.

Pfizer had help 38 million patients every days, employee more than 115,000 colleagues, utilize the skills of more than 12,000 medical researchers, and work in partnership with governments, individuals, and other payers for healthcare to treat and prevent illnesses-adding both years to life, and life to years

Future trend and change

The CEO of Pfizer led a "trends study" designed to explore the major developments that would be affecting the pharmacy industry during the coming decade. The industry is virtually impossible to predict with any degree of precision of confidence either the most likely events or their probable implications. The findings of the trends study forced Pfizer to set a path of rapid growth based on a board vision consisting two major components. First, they build the industry's most-promising pipeline...