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Human Resource Management (HRMT 387): Assignment 3 Submitted by: Jenn Derrick

Write about 1000 words to answer this question.

Do you agree that "Strategic HRM is crucially interested in HRD and employee participation"? In your answer, discuss the problems and tensions embedded within HRD and employee participation.

I believe that an organization's best competitive advantage is their people, and Human Resources Development (HRD) and employee participation is critical component of an organization's Strategic Human Resource Management. A culture that supports learning can make a world of difference, especially if senior managers and employees are committed to HRD. There are key issues that make training and learning more effective such as the motivation and interests of learners, the support from managers and supervisors and the overall learning culture within the organization. There are several problems that organizations should consider when implementing HRD. One issue is that it is difficult to determine the type of learning that is required for each employee in the organization.

Implementing workplace learning is a difficult and complex task that requires the involvement of senior managers and line managers. It is not always easy to motivate line managers to become fully involved and realize the importance of HRD as they do not view their subordinate's development as part of their job responsibilities. Line Managers are often focused on making their department more efficient and productive and do not realized that investing in their employee's skills and knowledge may help them reach their goals in those areas. HRD requires the integration of various activities such as identifying needs, selecting learning activities and supporting the learning of new skills, and how the line managers think, feel and act, will play a key role in achieving this. Line managers may have difficulty with their involvement as they may not...