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From the information provided on the corporate website of Dell computers, it would appear that their strategic and financial planning is entirely focused on their core business. Because they have been so dedicated to making their core systems so successful, expansion into other countries and across the globe was practically unavoidable. And their success is well documented. As a company that by the end of last year was worth twenty-seven billion dollars, it is quite clear their business strategies are working correctly.

But of course there is always room for improvement. And one way that Dell has hinted at in their annual report is to attempt to improve and reorganize their corporate structure in an attempt to be more streamlined. This would involve a large scale categorizing of departments and employees in an effort to see which areas are superfluous and could be eliminated without a loss of productivity.

Of course in a company that works on a global scale as Dell operates, such an endeavor just to document these resources would take a great deal of time, thus even to begin reorganization would by no means begin swiftly. However, if such changes would save Dell money and resources, it becomes clear that the earlier such a task begins, the sooner they begin to save money while at the same time making themselves more efficient.

When companies reorganize, there are risks involved which may just have a financial impact on the organization or put the company out of business. Dell executives want to simplify the internal organization by laying off employees, improve the core business by reallocating other employees to other positions, and pursue growth by focusing attention on emerging markets, notebook computers, enterprise systems, and small and medium business (Dell Company Profile, Retrieved from Datamonitor Business Information Center...