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Strategic IssuesSheilah DillonUniversity of PhoenixStrategies for Competitive Advantage, MBA/580Dr. Joseph WalkowiczApril 22, 2008Strategic IssuesThis paper will address strategic issues related with Apple Computer, Exxon Mobil Chemical, and FedEx Express and how they demonstrated and utilized strategic thinking through long term strategies, short term strategies, market development, concentric diversification, and product development. Based on these strategies, the issues will be identified to increase revenue by creativity, industry alliances, customer loyalty, and product quality, streamline the internal organizations and its external network.

"Strategic planning, like any type of planning, involves establishes goals and identifying quantifiable objectives that can help an organization reach them. What perhaps best differentiates strategic planning from "seat-of-the-pants" or intuitive planning initiatives concerns how informed the decision-makers are concerning the environment in which the company competes. In some cases, strategic alliances with others may represent the best course of action for various reasons, while acquiring competitors also represents a viable alternative in many cases.

Because every organization is unique, there cannot of course be a one-size-fits-all strategic approach that can be applied across the board to achieve successful outcomes to such planning processes, but there are some general guidelines that can be used to help companies recognize when one alternative is superior to another" (Pearce & Robinson, 2005).

Apple ComputerStrategic planning involves making decisions about an organization's long-term goals and strategies. These plans have strong external orientations and cover major portions of the organization. Successful companies have been diligent in the planning of the organization's long-term goals and strategies and have targeted results needed for long-term survival, value, and growth. Apple Computer's beginning years were mostly reactive to the fast-paced and rapidly changing computer industry; however, they have re-invented themselves time and time again to remain highly competitive in this market.

The factors that influence strategic planning at Apple...