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University of PhoenixHealthcare Management StrategiesHCS/427Rick JohnsonJanuary 26, 2009Strategic Management and Human ResourcesUnder the understanding that human resource management change is needed during a corporate restructuring or merger/acquisition of a healthcare facility/system would in tale that one there current human resources system is not working properly or a new vision needs to be in place for combined organization. Things to consider during the human resource reconstruction include recruitment and retention, training and development, as well as a system of employee performance management, the ability to continue under regulatory compliance, as well as the concern of compensation and benefits of the employees.

One important aspect during a merger for human resources is to cooperate with management to create a system of accountability. Accountability must spawn from the highest managerial positions and trickle down through even the newest employee personnel. This can be achieved by providing the proper training which can include training on the hands on aspects of jobs as well as training on company policies which include harassment laws, zero tolerance of drugs, and company missions and values.

Employees who recognize the employee conduct regulations that the company uses, and employees that their own values and goals align with the company can lead to better employee retention.

Another aspect that can lead to employee retention involves a system to recognize merit. Employees who work hard can be rewarded by being placed in leadership development leading to promotions as well as an increase in their personal earnings. Other systems that can be put in place to ensure regulatory compliance include educating healthcare facilities on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Drug Free Workplace Act, and the Civil Rights Act as well as computer training and any other provisions needed to be in the employees position Another thing for...