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Nucor is one of U.S.'s biggest steelmakers and its history began with joist production in the 1966. It has made a quarterly profit since then which is truly a remarkable feat. The report aims to conduct strategic analysis and recommendations on its three main industries in order of information available namely, the raw steel, joist and fastener industry.

Findings from the external analysis reveal that Nucor experiences substantial macro-forces acting on them (global, macroeconomic, political/legal, technological) and generally operating in an indifferently attractive industry (i.e. neither attractive nor unattractive).

It then proceeded on to an intensive company analysis to eventually narrow Nucor down to having four competitive advantages of which two are sustainable.

Recommendations were then made in the form of an implementation plan where sequential activities and guidelines were drawn.

Content Page1.0Introduction22.0External Analysis52.1Macro-Environment Analysis52.1.1Findings from Macro-Environment Analysis72.2Micro-Environment Analysis82.2.1Industry Life Cycle82.2.2Analysing the Industries' Attractiveness92.3Findings from External Analysis133.0Internal Analysis173.1Corporate Strategy173.2Business Strategy183.3Identifying

Core Competencies193.4Identifying Distinctive Competencies233.5Findings from Internal Analysis254.0Environment-Strategy Gap Analysis285.0Recommendations316.0Conclusion357.0Bibliography361.0IntroductionNucor Corporation (Nucor) is the epitome of an industrial fairytale and synonymous to their identity are terms like cost-leaders, prime movers in continuous innovation and risk-taking, unprecedentedly strong culture, technological superiority, dexterous labour and adroit management. All these sparked off under Ken Iverson's leadership guile when he took over at the helm as President in 1966.

To sustain their consistent position as one of the most profitable U.S. steel producers, Nucor needs to contend with the challenges facing them in the near future. With globalisation widespread, the weight of international trade barriers has been assuaged and Nucor is no longer battling in their domestic league; rather, they are now intrinsically part of a world league where competitors are stronger, growing more aggressively and able to sell at lower prices. As world output increases quickly, the prices of supplies (iron...