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Strategic Management

Tifany Snead

University of Phoenix

Human Resources: Principals and Practices in Health Care


Tracie Mileski

March 14, 2010



Strategic Management

The role of a Human Resources Manager varies from organization to organization. This paper will explain a few of the constant roles and responsibilities of the Human Resources Manager. First, this paper will discuss recruitment and retention. Second, this paper will discuss employee performance management. Next, this paper will explain regulatory compliance. Lastly, this paper will discuss compensation and benefits. After reading this paper, one should be able to have a greater understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Human Resources Manager.

The Human Resources Managers responsibilities in the recruitment and retention of employees is to first advertise the opened positions and the requirements for the positions in the local papers, and in some instances, online and at workforce centers in the community.

The Human Resource Managers responsibilities also consist of reviewing applications and resumes, scheduling interviews with prospective employees and offering positions to the candidates best suited for the position. When it comes to retaining employees, the Human Resources Managers responsibilities are to offer certain programs for the employees, such as award and recognition programs, child care assistance, tuition assistance, career development opportunities and advancement opportunities as well. Also, to establish and follow thru with a retirement package that surpasses other health care companies in the vicinity. Depending on the organizations size, "training and development is a sub-function of Human Resources but it is also frequently found as a separate, free standing function reporting to other major departments." The training of nurses has previously been in the Nursing Department alone. However, now training and development is available, and sometimes required, for...