Strategic Management Paper Discribe human resource management's role as a strategic partner.

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Health care organizations recognize how the economy is unsteady and organizations struggle to stay competitive. Some organizations like Exempla health care systems and Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth health care systems (SCLHS) see this need and have decided to merge the two health care systems together to stay strong. The current economic downfall and financial inquiries brings the role of HR management to the forefront when health care organizations decide to merge (Pomeranz, 2009). Human Resources (HR) planning is usually seen as an important part of the strategic plan when health care facilities make the move to merge or restructure. The functions of the HR management team as a strategic partner is to help in the plan and implementation of policies. Organizations that merge will face many challenges with maintaining regulatory and accreditation requirements (University of Phoenix, 2010). HR management is also responsible for management of the merging health care organizations.

HR management looks at ways to integrate benefits strategies, employment retention, manage full-time employee overages, budgeting payroll, ensuring all employees are trained properly, maintaining employee performance, and ensuring that the merger is following the rules governed by federal law.

Recruitment and RetentionHR management must ensure that the two merging health care facilities are maintaining a competitive edge. Christy Pfost, HR employment manager of St. Mary's Hospital and Medical Center in Grand Junction, CO, during an interview stated, "Employment managers need to look at integrating benefits already available and similar to the organization; maintaining what works for both organizations.," (personal communication). Exempla health care systems and SCLHS have been negotiating such a recruitment and retention plan for nearly two years and are in the final stages for finalizing the plan. Exempla and SCLHS's HR departments are calming employee worries with continual communication of what changes are happening. These two HR...