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IntroductionMarketing is the task of creating, promoting, and delivering goods and services to consumers and businesses. A strategic marketing plan helps an organization to define its goals and develop a series of activities to achieve those goals. This exam project will focus on the company so called Sara Lee, and with it´s brand Ambi Pur.

Consumers are more aware of the importance of keeping surroundings clean and fresh. Not only businesses are putting up automatic timed fragrance sprayer in their offices or shops, but also common households. People are keeping their living rooms or bedrooms fragrant and fresh. Mindsets and the purchasing power of consumers have changed. There is a big and growing market in air-care products, in which this assignment is aimed at promoting the Ambi Pur brand name and launching it´s market position well ahead of it´s competition.

Marketing of Ambi Pur should be based on quality, distinctiveness, brand recognition, fair pricing and promotional programs.

Advertising, packaging, point of purchase displays, or promotions must never misstate facts or provide misleading impressions.

The Company's HistorySara Lee is a global manufacturer of high quality and brand name products for consumers throughout the world. Their three lines of business are:1) Food & Beverage2) Branded Apparel3) Household ProductsSara Lee has operations in 55 countries; markets branded products in nearly 200 nations and have 145,800 employees worldwide. Sara Lee Corporation stock is listed under the symbol of SLE on the New York, Chicago and Pacific stock exchanges.

At Sara Lee Corporation, their business is brands. These trusted and leading brands such as Hillshire Farm, Hanes, Playtex, Kiwi, Ambi Pur and of course Sara Lee are some of the well known names that represent quality and value for millions of consumer around the globe. The company's most global product is the Kiwi brand,