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1.0 Executive Summary

In recent years, as new media have proliferated and the cost of competition has intensifies, sophisticated marketers have searched for new ways to get more bang from their marketing communications buck. The result has been a growing understanding on the part of corporate management that (1) the efficiencies of mass media advertising are not what they used to be; (2) consumers are more sophisticated, cynical and distrusting than ever before; (3) tremendous gaps exist between what companies say in their advertising and what they actually do; and (4) in the long run, nourishing good customer relationships is far more important making simple exchange (Duncan and Moriarty, 1997). As a result, there is now a growing movement toward integrating all the messages created by an advertiser's various communication agencies and sent out by various departments within the company to achieve consistency (Arens, 2002). This process, called integrated marketing communications (IMC), is an important marketing trend.

Thereby, the main purpose of this report is to elaborate the importance of IMC-integrate marketing communication as well as why our company needs to have an IMC program. At the same time review relevant literature on IMC and apply those theoretical knowledge to our company and support our point of views.

2.0 Company background

Beijing Huiyuan Juice Group Company (the Company) was founded in June 1992, and is a big private enterprise engaged in the development, production and sale of fruit juice. It is one of the 10 strongest companies in Chinese juice industry, ranks second in the sales revenue and market share in the fruit juice industry. The total sales avenue has reached 1.48 billion RMB in 2002 with tax paid. The Company's major competitors in the fruit juice market are Yeshu, Nanguo, Wahaha, WeiWei (Appendix 1 shows the fruit...