Strategic marketing for Hytex Malaysia

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1.0 Introduction

In this fast accelerate business world, every firm should be pro-active in order to compete with their competitors. Thus, strategy marketing is the crucial process to assist the firm to fortify their position in this competitive environment.

The objective of this assignment is to develop and elaborate the strategy of the leading garment manufacturer company- HYTEX Incorporated Sdn. Bhd. Therefore in this assignment the first part is introducing the history of Hytex. The second part is to analyse or understand the consumers, market, and marco as well as microenvironment where Hytex is operating in. The third part is planning and implementation. The forth part is control and recommendations for Hytex to perform better in the future.

1.1 Background of Hytex

In 1973, Hytex started operating as a small firm that did contract silkscreen printing in a rented shop-house. However through a deliberate plan of expansion and modernization, Hytex managed to move into its own factory premises.

Today Hytex is the largest automated T-shirt screen printer in Asia, which able to produce high quality plastisol prints. Hytex is a fully integrated garment manufacturer with in-house facilities and services such as designing, knitting, bleaching, dyeing, finishing, pigment dye, garment wash, cutting, screen printing, embroidery, sewing, pressing and packing service.

Besides doing contract manufacturing for both local and export market, Hytex also diversify into retail business under the name of American Athletics, Tenderly and World of Cartoons. Currently, Hytex owns 27 stores in three countries, namely Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

1.1.1 Affiliated Companies of Hytex

The following companies are the subsidiaries companies of Hytex.

· Hytex Incorporated Sdn.Bhd.

· Hytex Apparels Sdn.Bhd.

· Hytex Garments (M) Sdn.Bhd.

· Hytex Products (M) Sdn.Bhd.

· Hytex Holdings Sdn.Bhd.

· Hytex International Pte.Ltd.

· Hytex Garments (Cambodia) Pte.