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Strategic Plan: The Coca Cola CompanyUniversity of PhoenixJune 15, 2009Executive SummaryThe Coca Cola Company's strategic plan will address those forces, trends and issues that will impact the implementation of its grand strategies: horizontal integration, concentric diversification, and joint ventures. The plan will also outline implementation steps and critical success factors, such as the empowerment of operating personnel, engaging the consumer at the point-of-sale, and creating "The Perfect Store" by re-engineering the occasion-brand-price-pack-channel architecture. Of particular note is the organization's ability to strategically adapt to its remote, industry and operating environments, while continuing to capitalize on its internal strengths. Strategic analysis has identified both strengths and weaknesses in the organization's management structure, and the company's inclusive organizational culture ensures its ability to attract and retain the most diversified, loyal and competent employees. An analysis of the company's financial reports shows low debt and strong growth across the company's portfolio, as well as forward-looking statements that are tempered by various risks and uncertainties that include, but are not limited to: changes in the nonalcoholic beverages business environment, changes in consumer preference based on health and nutrition considerations, changes in lifestyles and competitive product and pricing, and the impact of the global credit crisis on the organization's liquidity and financial performance, to name a few (Reuters, 2009).

Company OverviewThe Coca Cola Company was founded as a result of simple curiosity by John Pemberton in 1886. After stirring up a concoction of caramel-colored liquid in his home, John carried the mixture to Jacobs' Pharmacy a few doors down. Once mixed with carbonated water, the drink was offered to customers to sample. All agreed that the new drink was very good, so it was offered for sale at five cents a glass (Coca Cola, 2009). Since those humble beginnings, the company has...