The Strategic Plan Analysis

Essay by M. KukoyiB+, January 2007

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As competition within the business community increases, the organizations that do not want internal change begin to disappear. Change can be a frightening experience in business, but it can also be intimidating. Companies who have seen success in the past are not as willing to change. These organizations feel if they can keep on doing the same things they have done in the past, they can continue to be successful. Unfortunately this business philosophy is not always true. There have been many companies that have been extremely successful in the beginning and stayed successful for many years. However, as the culture of business began to change and the necessity for the management to change, these companies did not and, in the end, failed. This happens because the vision, goals and mission of the organization did not allow these changes to happen. The importance for these aspects of the organization to allow change is extremely important, because without it, companies will grow stagnant and in the end, disappear.

An example was given by Robert Kiyosaki (2006), the author of an article entitled Back to Your Roots. In this article Mr. Kiyosaki describes one of his companies failing, employee morale was down and there were no new products being released. After some research he discovered that the mission of the company was forgotten. In this article, Mr. Kiyosaki says "The Company's mission had been trampled on and forgotten. Without the mission, the spirit of the company was gone. Once the mission was reinstated, the company regained its life force and began to grow' (Kiyosaki, 2006). This statement brings into focus the importance of a flexible mission statement for the purpose of a successful business.

The organization for which I work has put into place a vision, goals and a mission statement that...