Strategic Plan Analysis

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Strategic Plan Analysis

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Quicken Loans Has developed a systems of beliefs called ISMs; these ISMs are practiced by all employees in the process to provide the highest quality of service to all customers. Quicken Loans uses autocratic and paternalistic management styles to increase efficiency and effectiveness within the organization. Quicken Loans takes pride in providing high quality services to all customers by focusing on Total Quality Management. Without TQM Quicken Loans would not have the exceptional reputation like they do at this point.

Strategic Plan Analysis

Quicken Loans Is a large mortgage company with over 23+ years experience as a mortgage lender. Quicken Loans, according to National Mortgage News, is America's largest online lender and is one of few companies in the mortgage industry to practice Total Quality Management.

The mission and vision of Quicken Loans are like no other company in the mortgage industry. The Specific Management styles used at Quicken Loans consist of autocratic and paternalistic. The Total Quality Management styles and characteristics are in place to make Quicken Loans more effective and efficient than their competitors. Quicken Loans promises to deliver the best quality mortgage experience by making the process as simple and quick as possible.

Mission, Vision and Objectives

Quicken Loans operates from a belief system that allows their employees to focus on ways to be better at what they do by breaking their mission statement into 22 ISMs. The ISMs are a basic foundation of how an employee is expects to act on a daily basis in and out of work. Quicken Loans promotes the ISMs around their offices and recognizes individuals who participate in living the ISMs with the ability...