Strategic Plan Analysis: Intensive Behavior Intervention Consultants (IBIC)

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Intensive Behavior Intervention Consultants (IBIC) is a small organization; due to its size and funding the management has not fully adopted the principles of total quality management. At IBIC there is not an official mission statement with a vision and goals that are printed and posted. This is the first indicator that an improvement in the quality structure would benefit the company. If the mission, vision and goals are not clear and readily accessible to the staff then it is hard to have a cohesive effort of improvement which is the crux for total quality management.

In an attempt to search out my organizations goals I sent an email to the office manager, the response indicated that there was not a specific vision but rather an assumed objective to help our clients reach their individual goals and promote independence from our services. Each individual behavioral therapist has daily, monthly and case objectives that are measured and charted using an electronic data system.

Each month the goals are compared to map progress and highlight areas of improvement. The charts help to determine what actions, activities or times of day trigger the client's crisis behavior in an effort to help the therapist customize a treatment plan for the client. This process of objects, measurements and reorganization show that IBIC is concerned with each client's specific goals and situation. The monitoring practices of IBIC are also a demonstration that some of the TQM principles are in practice.

IBIC has a long way to improve its TQM practices. In comparison to some of the other companies that have perfected the concepts, IBIC has much room for improvement. At any size and within any industry basic TQM principles can be cultivated into the strategic plan for an organization. All for-profit businesses can make continual improvements,