Strategic plan for Bisolvon Pharmaceutical Ltd.

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The purpose of Bisolvon S.A, is first of all the production of quality medicines with the minimum possible cost with new methods of technology. Also, to provide the best possible environment and the finest opportunities for the future to it's employees.


1. High performance from the employees, especially from those that work in the research area.

2. Train the staff in order to achieve high-performance.

3. High quality products in combination with low cost.

4. Creation of new, more advanced medicines.

5. Advertise our product with the most clever and efficient way, in order to have our product immediate and positive reactions from the side of the customers.

6. Distribution of medicines in many pharmacies.


We are going to use the Niche strategy because the goals of the company is to create new products, unique, and with the best quality. For example, the ideal strategy for Bisolvon S.A,

would be to produce effective and high quality medicines meaning that a few pills of our medicine would be enough in order to cure the patient. Also, we are going to provide in one pack which would have externally as a pack a gook appearance, more pills than other companies provide to their packs.


Expand Bisolvon S.A with new production-medicine centers in Athens and other big cities in Greece. As a long-term goal, expand abroad too.

Description of the company.

We have established a pharmaceutical company named Bisolvon S.A, which has its headquarters in Thessaloniki and our factory is located in the industrial area of the city. Our company is divided in four major sections. Me and Rania Tsompani, control the whole business, where I am having the 51% and I am the president of the company and Rania holds the rest. Additionally, we have four...