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Smith Systems Consulting was founded in 1984 by Blair Smith, three associates from a previous profession, and a small group of business clientele. From an initial group of five, Smith Systems Consulting has grown to become a major regional consulting company with 350 employees generating in excess of $45 million in revenues (Apollo Group, 2004). According to Smith Systems Consulting the Web is "the marketplace of the new millennium", (Apollo Group, 2004). Smith Systems Consulting focuses on delivering exceptional Web and business application services (Apollo Group, 2004) in the Web marketplace. The majority of the Smith Systems current customers are local companies; however, the company is expanding rapidly (Apollo Group, 2004). The need for Smith Systems Consulting to expand their markets is perhaps the most fundamental reason for growth in the world (Hill, 2009). The limited size of domestic markets often motivates managers to seek markets beyond their national frontiers (Mazur, 2009).

In the following text, Team Fate will provide a review of the mission and vision statement of Smith Systems Consulting. Team Fate will also determine if Total Quality Management is a strategic level objective for Smith Systems Consulting and identify what impact globalization may or may not have on management positions within the company. Finally the team will reveal how globalization does or does not increase the complexity of Total Quality Management for Smith Systems Consulting.

Smith Systems Consulting is an information technology support firm providing business applications services and consulting to customers. Their client list includes different companies in the following divisions; transportation, education, financial services and retail. The mission of Smith Systems Consulting is to provide the best internet technical support to their clients and to make these services available so that the clients can maintain as well as obtain practical solutions to business...