Strategic plans for sport organisations

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Sports organisations exist in a range of structures; despite such massive variety the importance of planning is imperative for success. Planning has been described by Hernandez as, Strategic planning is the blueprint of an organisation. Through such a plan, the organisation decides what type of action will be undertaken and which internal operations are needed to deliver desired results to the constituents of the organisation and to achieve the organisations objectives and mission statement. (Hernandez, 2002)

Strategic plans are usually born from issues facing the organisation (internal or external in nature) many are reactive adjusting to a demanding environment, while others attempt to anticipate obstacles. Two distinct organisational cultures exist in the Australian sports industry. One focuses on grassroots participation while the other rapidly approaches a more corporate structure. One example of each form will be explored in an attempt to distinguish trends facing both general forms of sport organisations.


The History of the Kangaroos Football Club

The North Melbourne Football Club emerged from humble origins in 1869. In 1877 the Club played a major role in the foundation and development of the Victorian Football Association (VFA), the pre-eminent competition of its time. In 1882, the Club's headquarters were shifted to Arden St, where they remain today. Having missed admission in both 1897 and 1907 due to financial weakness, a reputation for hooliganism and similar territory to Essendon, they were finally invited to join the VFL in 1925. Being one of the last Melbourne based clubs to be admitted to the league and without premiership success. North Melbourne struggled to gain new supporters, as most had existing loyalties to other clubs. (The official AFL Website of the Kangaroos, 2006 & Wikipedia, 2006)

1950 was the first season the North Melbourne Football Club (NMFC) played as the 'Kangaroos';...