Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

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Introduction -

There are many components to strategic management. The success of each component brings the company greater changes of success for customer satisfaction. These components include linking quality to its strategic plan and objectives and continual analysis of its process improvement plan and on how process improvement relates to its strategic plan. Riordan Manufacturing is a global company that has just launched its Total Quality Management program and in doing so must evaluate these strategic components to ensure the program is operating effectively.

How quality is linked to your organization's strategic plan and strategic objectives -

Strategic planning and strategic objectives allow an organization to achieve consistency and competitive advantage for its management and products (Melnyk & Swink, 2005, p. 15). When used effectively, both are linked to improving the quality of the organization's product through effective time management, total quality management, and mass customization (p. 17).

However, one must be aware that strategic planning is a long-term plan, which is typically set for a period of five or ten years.

Moreover, strategic planning provides for quality if the organizes establishes certain tools that enhance quality. These tools include total quality management. On the other hand a strategic objective describes what the organization is trying to achieve, and this is carried out by strategic planning.

Riordan Manufacturing is aware of the importance of effective strategic planning and strategic objections and how both are connected to continuously improving quality products. Riordan strives to achieve quality through its strategic objectives at the organization level using a scorecard for progress reports and goals. Through the scorecard the organization has the ability to control and effectively define its strategic objectives. The scorecard is controlled by the team leaders, and this, in turn, allows the company to control its objectives. Moreover, Riordan provides examples...