Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

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At Riordan Manufacturing, there is a great emphasis on maintaining a long-term relationship with their customer. With that in mind, Riordan has created and sustained rigorous quality control systems to guarantee customer satisfaction with their products.

In this paper, how quality is linked to Riordan's strategic plan and strategic objectives will be discussed, followed by a careful analysis of a process improvement plan that Riordan currently uses. Once that is covered, A few examples of the tools and techniques that Riordan uses to measure quality and customer satisfaction will be looked over. Also, a brief look at who has the ultimate responsibility for quality assurance with Riordan will be discussed. Lastly, this paper will take an in-depth look into the extent to which the organizations process improvement plan is related to the organization's strategic plan.

How Quality Relates to Riordan's Strategic ObjectivesQuality is the main focus of Riordan Manufacturing's strategic objectives.

This can be seen in Riordan's strategic initiatives which include, reducing carrier costs and cycle times, implementing programs and processes for Six Sigma training, and developing plans to accommodate the delivery requirements of customers in parts of the United States that have bad winter conditions. Riordan also employs a post project review process which "consists of activities performed by a project team at the end of the projects life cycle to gather information on what worked well and what did not" (Apollo Group, 2005). This review process makes it possible for upcoming projects to benefit from the information gathered. Projects with a life span of over a year go through post phase reviews, enabling information to be documented while it is still easy to recall. The company also has measures in place to evaluate the effectiveness of their post project reviews. Their "lessons learned updates" reflects the amount of...