Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

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Huffman Trucking is a company that can truly relate to quality. They were founded in Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction939 with limited services and employees and have since grown in size and business functionalities. In addition, they strive to be a model company for all members, from stockholders to customers, to stakeholders. There proven record to provide quality products and services is what has enabled them to provide top notch customer satisfaction.

Quality Link to Huffman's Strategic Plan and ObjectivesA well-established continual improvement plan can increase the quality of a product or service that an organization offers. Total quality management allows an organization to set standards of quality and then meet or exceed these standards. To implement a successful plan, a business must have a well-designed strategic plan that compliments the mission and vision of the organization. Before improvement can be made however, there must be relevant data available with which to assess the level of quality currently in existence.

This data is usually compiled by survey (Burrill & Ledolter, 1999, Ch. 18).

The data is first collected, classified, and analyzed. From here, the use of data will be determined. Tools for measuring data have been studied throughout history for scientific advancement (Burrill & Ledolter, 1999). Having an effective measuring system is imperative to the success of the strategic plan, and Huffman Trucking has determined conducting a survey may be the right tool for this establishment due to the service nature of the business.

Basic principles of statistical analysis include the 80-20 rule. This entails the reality that in many instances that 80% of what may be important to the beholder is concentrated in 20% of the observations. An example from the text states that in most societies 20% of the people encompass 80% of the wealth (Burrill &...