Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

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Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet food shop located in San Diego, CA who specializes in the sale of fine food, wine, and supplies for gourmet cooking. The organization currently has three open stores, La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas and they are progressively working toward the fourth. Kudler's simple yet strong strategic objective is to increase the loyalty and profitability of consumers. The tactics the organization is taking to achieve the objectives are expanding services such as holding presentation events to teach customers how to prepare gourmet foods and launching a frequent shopper program to gauge shopper spending habits and offer reward points to frequent shoppers. Kudler is aware of the importance of quality in relation to building customer loyalty, sales, and profits and developed tactics and strategies geared toward improving and delivering exceptional quality products and services.

Dynamic yet simple, Kudler's strategic objective is to increase customer loyalty and profit margins.

Building customer loyalty requires an organization to go beyond simply satisfying a customer to exceeding a customer's expectations and creating a memorable experience. Building customer loyalty is also one of the key drivers to increasing sales and equivocally profit margins. One could argue that providing quality products and services is directly related to Kudler's strategic business plan for several reasons. Throughout the experience of shopping for products, consumers are serviced by a knowledgeable and experienced staff member that answers questions, make recommendations, and guides them through the process, an experience not matched by many competitors. In addition, Kudler "shops the world" for the finest wine, food, and epicurean delights and supports this claim through their signature guarantee that the consumer will enjoy the product or it's free. Lastly, Kudler has specific tactics in place geared toward achieving the company's objectives and continuous improvement, one of basic principles...