Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

Monique Cone, Margaret Farley, Shirley Howard, Shadreka Howard,

Shawn Snyder


January 24, 2011

Ian Finley


Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction directly impacts any business in a number of ways. Wal-Mart has a variety of tools to get and keep happy customers. There are a variety of ways that Wal-Mart follow customer satisfaction levels to ensure that the company stays productive and cost-effective using the Internet, using greeters, referrals and surveys (Worsham, R. 2010). Wal-Mart's tools allow them to add customers and keep satisfied customers through referrals. This is a direct result of having contented customers (Worsham, R. 2010).

Because of technological advances, Wal-Mart provides websites that offer valuable insight on their customers' needs, wants, and what customers expects in return for their business. Wal-Mart's website address is printed on the customer's receipt, encouraging customers the to go online to participate in customer satisfaction survey.

There are questions on the website generally consisting of issues concerning the professionalism of the employees and service of the company. Customers can make comments about their service and experience at Wal-Mart. In this survey, customers can request products that they would like to see offered. They can also suggest ways the company may improve its service (Worsham, R. 2010).

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis for Wal-Mart is:

1. Strengths are being a wide spread network and stores. Wal-Mart is listed number one in revenues and profits.

2. Weakness is communication with the internal and external audience. Also customer does believe Wal-Mart has low prices but the customer also complain about the poor quality of some products. Wal-Mart is also having a hard time with countries like China and their policies are very...