Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction: Baderman Island Resorts

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AbstractIdentifies how quality is linked with strategic plan and strategic objectives then provides analysis of process improvement plan to Baderman Island Resorts. Provides examples of tools and techniques used to measure quality and customer satisfaction and who has ultimate responsibility of quality assurance. Providing the extent to which Baderman Island Resorts process improvement plan is related to the strategic plan.

Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction of Baderman Island ResortsBaderman Island has already become one of the premier retreats for many vacationers. Nonetheless, the Baderman Island's Management Group doesn't want to stop there. The strategic plan for developing the remaining 800 acres of the island is well on its way as many of the projects have already broken the ground. In their strategic plan, the management has considered guests of all "shapes and sizes".

As a challenge to golfers that are bored with the traditional golf range, a new 18-hole golf course has been approved to be built adjacent to already existing golf course, which will take up approximately 75 acres.

Considering the need for preserving natural beauty of the island additional 150 acres are going to be added to already existing 225 acres of preserved wilderness. To accommodate tourist that enjoy mountain biking, hiking as well as tourists in the wheelchairs the trails within the park will be widened and improved.

For those that like to treat themselves to ultimate relaxation, the new Baderman Island Oasis Spa will be just the thing. With the 50% addition to current facilities the guests will not be faced with availability issues when they are in the mood for a treat.

Future developments, such as additional 50-acre recreation area, additional 300 acres dedicated to expansion of hotels and convention center, are part of the strategic plan that will attract not only vacationers but...