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An ongoing improvement plan can increase the quality of a product or service an organization produces. This improvement plan will allow an organization to meet or exceed standards, and establish on time delivery. To develop a successful improvement plan, an organization must have a well-designed strategic plan that is in agreement with the mission and visions of the organization. This paper will discuss how quality is linked to Kudler Fine Food's strategic plan objectives, analyze the process improvement plan that the organization currently uses and give examples of the tools and techniques used to measure quality. Lastly, this paper will show who has the ultimate responsibility for quality assurance, and the extent to which the organization's process improvement plan is related to the organization's strategic plan.

Strategic Plan and Strategic ObjectivesBefore improvement can be made there needs to be relevant data to assess the level of quality. This data is usually compiled by survey.

The data is first collected, classified, analyzed, and the use of issue-related data is determined. Tools for measuring data have been studied throughout history for scientific advancement. (Burill, 1999). Having an effective measuring system is imperative to the success of the strategic plan, and Kudler Fine Foods has determined conducting a survey may be the right tool for this establishment.

Basic principles of statistical analysis include the 80-20 rule. This entails the reality that in many realms of reality that 80% of what may be important to the beholder is concentrated in 20% of the observations. For example, in most societies 20% of the people encompass 80% of the wealth. (Burill, 1999). This is not a precise measurement but is used often for a close estimation. The simple methods quite often are the ones that satisfy the requirements.

The data needs to be organized and presented...