Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper

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IntroductionTop management and organizations with extensive business experience can attest to the idea of gaining and retaining customers does not happen without a high volume of hard work and consistency. Quality within an organization and the goal of customer satisfaction are two very important issues to any organization, both large and small. As a management team plans strategically, they must place an emphasis on total quality management and customer satisfaction. The question then becomes, how does one plan for quality management and customer satisfaction?This paper will look at quality and its relationship to strategic plans and strategic objectives, process improvement plans, and the tools and techniques used to measure customer satisfaction and quality as a whole. The paper will also discuss the person or persons within an organization whom are ultimately responsible for quality assurance and finally, the paper will discuss the extent of the use of a process improvement plan and its relation to the organizations strategic plan.

K FF's Strategic Plan and ObjectivesKudler Fine Foods (KFF) has developed a strategic plan focused on an increase in consumer loyalty and profitability. Through programs such as expanded services (in store) and shopper reward programs, KFF plans to increase revenue and profitability. KFF also plans to increase efficiency in areas of operation to help reduce overall costs, thus contributing to the goal of improved profitability. Other strategic plans that KFF has developed within their 2007 sales plan are new customer focused programs, better information management, targeted awareness building, and increased behind the scenes efficiency and cost containment (Sales Plan, 2007). In order to succeed with their strategic objectives and strategic plans, KFF must place a focus on quality in all areas of the business. KFF has set up their business to be an upscale specialty food store and with that status,