Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper

Essay by water85 March 2007

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IntroductionThe ongoing improvement plan can increase the quality of an organization meeting certain standard, which is able to produce quality product and service, generate competitive pricing and establish on-time delivery. To develop a successful improvement plan, an organization must have a well-designed strategic plan that is alliance with the direction or mission of the organization. In this paper, it is going to discuss how quality is linked to Riordan Manufacturing's strategic plan and objectives, analysis its current improvement plan and give examples of the tools and techniques used to measure quality and customer satisfaction. Finally, it talks about the ultimate responsibility for quality assurance and how the improvement plan is related to its strategic plan.

Quality linked to strategic plan and objectivesRiordan is building a strategic plan, which is focus on quality improvement in every aspect of its business. The strategic plan is related to Riordan missions which are six sigma, exceeding ISO 9000 standard, meeting customers' demand, and leading the industry's trend.

The strategic plan consists of six strategies which are:1. Serve the market through the top 15 customer-clusters.

2.Strengthen Riordan brand and make it a significant competitive advantage3."Win the next generation bottling materials" with more innovative and environmentally friendly products.

4.Establish a leadership position in beverage containers and bottles5.Become the industry's best global plastics manufacturer.

6.Supply Chain ExcellenceThe first strategy is focus on customers' service quality while the second strategy is focus on products' quality to boost Riordan's brand. Riordan is also focus on providing quality through environmental friendly product development. The fourth and the fifth strategies are focus on advancing the business through quality management and control. The sixth strategy is focusing on supply chain system to increase efficiency and to build customers' and suppliers' relationship quality.

Riordan has four main objectives to...