Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Riordan Manufacturing

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A firm's ignorance to the importance of quality in its overall strategic objective will definitely cause the demise of a company. Quality plays an important role in the success of a business, because it helps elevate the firm's competitive environment. Quality management and customer satisfaction are key elements to any firms' business strategy. According to Burrill and Ledolter (1999), in quality management every organization should perform six quality -related activities. These are quality planning, quality control, quality improvement, quality assurance, quality audit, and quality assessment.

Riordan Manufacturing is an industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding (UOP, 2008). The company prides its state-of-the art design capabilities enabling them to create innovative plastic designs and earning the company international recognition.

The objective of this paper is to discuss Riordan's strategic quality management and initiatives to achieve customer satisfaction. The paper will discuss how quality is linked to Riordan's strategic plan and strategic objectives.

An analysis of Riordan's process improvement plan will also be given, in addition to discussing the tools and techniques used to measure quality and customer satisfaction. Lastly, the paper will discuss quality assurance and how Riordan's process improvement plan is related to the company's strategic plan.

Role of Quality in Riordan's Strategic Plan and Strategic ObjectivesRiordan takes pride in their attention to detail, extreme precision, and quality control. Quality control is a tool for improving performance and is the driver behind Riordan's strategic plan and objectives. Riordan involves all levels of their 550 employees when it comes to their integrated approach to improving quality. With the customer always in the forefront of their mind, Riordan set goals that help them achieve their $46 annual earnings.

An example of a current goal that Riordan has is its attempt to consolidate information in order to deliver what is...