Strategic Quality Management and Customer Service

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Service

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Service

Quality is considered one of the most critical and key components in business today. The difference between an adequate or just satisfactory quality and a product that has an outstanding and superior quality can be the factor that pushes the business ahead of the competition or leaves it standing in the dust of its competition. This paper will demonstrate how quality links to Kudler Fine Foods' strategic plans and objectives. The paper will also provide an analysis of a process improvement plan, examples of tools and techniques used to measure quality and customer satisfaction and identify who is ultimately responsible for quality assurance. The extent of Kudler Fine Foods involvement in the continuous process improvement plan in relation to the business's strategic plan is also reviewed.

Quality and Kudler's Strategic Plans

Quality is a key factor in linking Kudler's strategic plans and strategic objectives. Without quality being a main force driving the strategic objectives, the strategic plans will not have the superb results that Kudler hopes to have. Most customers want excellent service and top-notch quality in the products and services that they buy. Pricing, also, does play a major role in the strategic plans and objectives and normally, the ultimate goal of consumers is to find high-quality products and services while paying a reasonable price for them. Kudler customers focus more on quality and the ability to find specialized items than prices.

Kudler Fine Foods has developed a strategic plan and objectives that focus on profitability and also giving high-quality customer service that result in consumer loyalty. Kudler's "objective of the sales organization is to successfully implement programs designed to increase...