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Corporate Strategic Planning The three new executive vice presidents join the Company's strategic planning team, which has the goal of maximizing sales and profits and improving shareholder value. The planning team reports to Schuessler as the Company continues to focus the critical corporate planning function in the CEO's office.

Working closely with Schuessler on corporate planning is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Kerrii Anderson, who recently joined the Company.

"Kerrii brings a fresh perspective to the Company as well as the strategic focus and financial discipline required as we plan for the future," said Schuessler.

The planning team includes the leaders of the Company's primary business divisions: Tom Mueller, President and COO of Wendy's North America; Paul House, President and COO of Tim Hortons®; and Jim Rieger, Senior Vice President of International Wendy's. Other key senior officers from Wendy's and Tim Hortons are on the planning team and contribute to the planning process.

The strategic planning team has two primary responsibilities: ? Provide strategic guidance and corporate resources to the Company's business divisions - Wendy's North America, International Wendy's and Tim Hortons - on a day-to-day basis. The goal is to continue to produce sales growth and profits while improving returns for the Company and franchisees.

? Work with the CEO and CFO on long-term planning, fine-tune the Company's vision, evaluate opportunities and develop strategies for growth.

"We have a strong foundation with our two quality brands," said Schuessler. "Our track record with the Wendy's brand in North America and the Tim Hortons brand in Canada are unquestionably outstanding. There is a depth of talent throughout the organization, a systemwide commitment to continuous improvement and a record of delivering quality sales and earnings growth.

"Going forward, we must continue to grow the core businesses in a high quality...