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Re-Vitalizing Stratego

Grand Canyon University

AMP 420 Marketing Environments

November 7, 2010


Re-Vitalizing Stratego

It is a well know fact that Americas love new and better versions of the products they enjoy. The marketplace is filled with existing products that are being touted as new and improved. Whether it is the product itself or just the packaging, when a company finds that their product is beginning to decline in popularity and sales it must make a decision on how to manage the decline. One of the strategies and the "Best (and toughest) of all, is to improve the product in a functional sense or revitalize it in some manner" (Etzel, Stanton, Walker 2007, pp. 248). Our group has chosen to revitalize a classic Milton-Bradley board game entitled Stratego. This game has been around since 1961. It has survived the test of time and has undergone several different variations including two different computer versions.

So with this in mind we feel that game players today are more sophisticated and are more inclined to gravitate to a game that offers the benefits of the technology available in the video game market while still including the parts of the game that they know and love. By using this advanced technology it is hoped that including an even more exciting aspect to the game will bring back the original lovers of the board version and entice a new generation of fans to try it out. Our belief is that the marriage of a traditional board game that is familiar to most adults and the modernized technology that children are drawn to will be an attractive aspect of this new version of Stratego. We will emphasize that this merging of the old and new will appeal...