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Honda Motor Co., including its subsidiaries, is a large, multi-national company that manufactures a range of products including automobiles, motorcycles, lawn mowers, four-wheel all terrain vehicles, tractors, generators and small engines. The company was established in 1948 and has become one of the leading manufacturers of automobiles and the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. There are 119 production facilities in 33 countries that supply Honda products to nearly every country in the world.

Honda?s revenues in 1995 through 1999 were dominated by the sales of their automobiles, representing approximately 80 percent of total revenues each year. Honda has worked to strengthen its strongest product by being a leader in the development of environmental technology for cleaner automobiles. Following the development of the CVCC engine and the release of the Low Emission Vehicle (LEV), the Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) was developed which complied with the strictest emission standards proposed by California in four American states.

In late 1997, the company made further progress with the development of the ZLEV (near zero emission levels) vehicle. In 1999 Honda introduced America?s first gasoline-electric hybrid automobile, the Insight. Honda has been recognized, through the receipt of various environmental awards, for its efforts and success in producing environmentally friendly automobiles as well as other products.