Stratford and Tourism

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Year 9 Fieldwork - The Impact of Tourism in Stratford-Upon-Avon


Stratford is in Southern Warwickshire, in the centre of England. It is situated on the river Avon, 22 miles south east of Birmingham and 8 miles south west of Warwick. It has a total population of around 26,000. It is a busy market town which attracts tourists because of its links with William Shakespeare, England's most famous playwright, receiving 3 million visitors a year from hundreds of different countries.

Stratford is over 800 years old, with Anglo-Saxon origins. It was most likely chosen as a settlement due to its proximity with the River Avon, which could provide water for cleaning, washing ad drinking. It did not develop into a market town until the medieval period.

This resulted in the establishment of services for the tourists. Hostels and inns would have been opened to meet the needs of the increasing number of tourists. As e number of tourists as increased, so has the number of shops, restaurants and attractions. The rise in the number of tourists has had both positive and negative effects for Stratford. It has created a lager number of jobs for the locals and has had huge economic benefits for the town but it has made Stratford extremely busy and some say that it has ruined Stratford's charm.

Hypothesis 1-Most of the people in Stratford are tourists and most people are in Stratford due to its connection with Shakespeare


Our first hypothesis needed us to find out whether people were in...