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We all have things we love doing on our free time. It may be taking walks in the park, reading a book or even watching TV. What I love doing on my free time is playing street basketball "street ball." I love the way I can gain respect from other street ballers with every game. Every time I step on the court I feel like a new person because every thing that may be going wrong in my life just goes to the back of my head and play for the moment with all my heart.

I love playing street ball because it lets me be creative with my moves unlike organized basketball where there are all the rules and fundamentals of basketball preventing me from having fun and being creative. When I make up a new move I can't wait to try it on someone to see if it will shake my defender.

A great example of street ballers are the AND 1 players because they are pushing street ball to a new level with new and creative moves that will leave you flat on your back.

One reason I love street ball is because of the moves. The motive of these moves is to leave my defender feeling dumbfounded while I'm driving to the hole for a dunk or lay-up. There is not better feeling than knowing that I have shaken my defender. I'm able to be creative with my moves because street ballers don't call carries or double bridles. One simple but deadly move is the crossover. This move can be deadly because I make my defender think I'm going one way but I change my direction and go the other way with the crossover. For a street baller the ultimate utopia is to have the defender fall to the asphalt from your move. This is what makes street ball great for children and adults.

Another reason I love street ball is the way I can put moves together as seamless as the wind. For example, I can do a couple of set up moves, to get ready for my main move like back to papa (through it off the back board so it bounces back to you). This is the best way to shake someone and make the defender look dumb in front of everyone. After I shake my defender I pull up for jump shoot and release the ball from your hands as gently as I would set down a baby. The best thing about a shoot is how the ball rips the net and makes the swish sound after going through the net.

Street ball is a sport that is being played in playgrounds all across the US and because of this; street ball will never have limits and boundaries on the creativity of new moves and shakes. People around the US and probably around the world are starting to have the same passion towards street ball that I have. The entertainment business has started to capitalize on street ball by making video games, movies, and sponsoring the annual AND 1 street ball tour. The AND 1 street ball tour is a highly competitive game, where I get to see the best "street ball" players, putting on their best performance.

Street ball is my passion and I will never get sick of it. It will continue to evolve and change as the years go on with new balers and moves. This is why I will always love playing street ball no matter how old I get.