STREET BOYS, the main catastrophe.

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Once I walked home after my school, I was really tired but I found a common phenomenon. It is the Street Boys all over our streets. What a huge number of street boys I had seen that morning! Before any, we must ask ourselves what made them so. And what will be their future? We must think of this huge number and not only thinking but also solving their problem.

First of all we must answer the main question here which is what is the main reason of being as those? We can suggest that it may be from poverty, personality, or family, no one knows. But we know now is that they already exist and need our help to save them from the flood of technology which they completely ignore.

There is about one million of twelve million boy in Egypt are considered as a "Street Boys". It is not the number which is easily neglected.

It is a whole million of Street Boy only in Egypt, what about other countries? How can we neglect that? Now think with me of how can they change their country and its ability to produce and export? It is a great unused power.

We should do something to save them, their government should solve this catastrophe, and we shouldn't let this power split between our hands, we should get a solution. Now we are waiting and waiting but no solution, so we must take it seriously not as joke or some written words that will be forgotten after a while. No, we should give those words some respect, they are really important words, so don't mock that phenomenon.