Street Gangs

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Research Report on Trends:Street GangsFormation of Street GangsThe influence and impact of street gangs in urban areas has been growing and it continues to grow. Estimates say that there could be hundreds of thousands possibly millions of people that are associated to some sort of a significant street gang. Many psychologists believe that due to poverty and lack of education many teens join gangs. Others believe music and the media encourages teens and adolescences to join gangs. While on the other hand sociologists believe it is due to peer pressure and lack of supervision from families that cause teens and adolescences to join gangs.

Psychologists believe that due to a lack education many teens and young adults can't find a job, this leads them to join a gang. They get involved in the illegal activities such as illegal drug and firearm trade executed by the gangs that can get them financial aid.

People who live in the 'slums' and 'ghettos' of cities particularly males, believe that getting involved in gang activity is the only way to earn money as they are denied further education due to financial problems.

Some psychologist also believe that the rap music industry and violent movies encourage young teens to join gangs. They believe that young teens listen to violent rap songs that encourage the use of guns and narcotic use. Eventually these teens believe that owning guns or doing drugs will gain them status like the rappers they listen to and gain them respect in the community.

Sociologist believe that teens and young adults join gangs as they don't get sufficient attention, supervision or care from their families and look to gangs as an 'alternate family'. These people are denied strong relationships with their families so they join gangs because they are looking for close...