Street Gangs

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In today's society beliefs and ideas of people have broken them into different groups and subcultures, unfortunately for America's youth, their interpretations of right and wrong have separated them from a civil society and into a gang. Street gangs are like a growing epidemic; they spread to different parts of a city and infect other individuals. The government and law enforcement agents are doing anything possible to try to find a way to control this out of control infection, but the best way to stop it is to first understand why people join.

"Gangs keep grip on region"An article in The Times gives a quick glimpse on how much occurs in what appears to be a street like no other in the "hood." A group of guys who when you look at them appear to come from a broken home, with little to no ambitions, and are most likely high school dropouts just sit patiently on a porch step waiting for business.

A young kid driving a luxury car drives by to scan the area and make sure no cops are around. A gang member pulls over after his second time around the block and with a subtle nod of the head calls over one of his associates. The supplier scurries over to what may be a stolen car and begins his business transactions. Gangs have increased all throughout New Jersey and thus have the trafficking of drugs.

"Snoop Dogg caught with weapon at airport"Besides money another reason why people join street gangs are for the mere fact that some of their favorite celebrities are in them. Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus is an internationally known "gangsta" rapper. Among many others he is also a powerful member of the Crips. Devoted fanatics listen to every lyric and...