Street Racing

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Street Racing It's a cool Saturday evening. The sun sets in the distance, and the city lights are beaming. The sonic drive in is the place to be. Some show cars come out, and some all out racers. We all get a chance to socialize with fellow racers, and show off our new modifications. Everyone is having a good time and then from afar we here cops! Everyone bolts to their car afraid of getting ticketed. A lot of people often wonder why what we do is illegal. Everyone hits the streets, and then the races begin.

If everything seems alright and everyone is having a good time its probably too good to be true, cause the cops are lurking in the shadows. They like to sit back and watch. They let everyone feel they are in a secure place, and then they strike. These days if you get caught racing you get to stay at the fabulous jailhouse in Harris County.

A lot of people wonder why they wont just leave us alone. The races take place in a deserted area off Westhiemer close to Fort Bend County. That part of Westhiemer is uninhabited at that time of night. That cancels out the chance of an innocent bystander getting hurt. Don't get me wrong, there are always people who end up ruining it for everybody. There are a lot of non-drivers on the road, or what we call wannabe racers. Because of these "non-drivers"� the cops stereotype us for driving similar vehicles and harass us. This process gets very old very fast. Cops will try and cite you for anything and everything, mainly cause they grew up racing domestics and hate imports. They'll pull you over for and aftermarket exhaust while a Corvette is roaring down the road...