Street Racing in Our Community.

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Street Racing in Our Community

The other day I was watching a movie, "The Fast and

The Furious". It is a movie from 2001, which had a

tremendous amount of street racing. Almost every weekend

there are hundreds of young drivers out in the streets trying to prove that their car is the best, while playing cat and mouse with the police. It happens in virtually every city, all over the United States. It really had me thinking of the illegal street racing we have in our community and how dangerous it actually is.

This movie was released in 2001 and the main characters in the picture were: Dominic and Mia Toretto, Brian Spilner, Johnny Tran, Letty, Vince and Jesse. The film was actually about a detective that goes undercover to investigate a possible high jacking ring. And the way they are jacking trucks is with the high performance streetcars.

They raced their cars for money and Brian put up his title to be able to race. It is an adrenaline rush far more than you can imagine. It gets your body shaking and your blood pumping.

In the movie there was high performance street racing. There were a large amount of cars parked on the side of the streets, blocking off side roads, while others raced their cars down the blocked lane. This type of behavior happens in every city whether it is a major city like Los Angeles or Houston, or a small town like Joplin or Pittsburg. It is not relatively as bad as in the movie, but street racing is a problem.

The teenagers, young adults and sometimes older adults cruise up and down the main street in the city, like Main Street in Joplin or Broadway here in Pittsburg. They approach another car at...