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I have been skinny most of my life. Around the age of 12, I decided that I was going to start working out so I could "bulk up". My dad recognized my interest and brought home a weight bench for my next birthday. I was so excited and immediately began working out.

However, things didn't go quite as well as I had planned. I had been working very hard for a couple of weeks and nothing happened. I had expected to be seeing results by then. Well, I wasn't. I saw no strength gains, and I still looked just as skinny as ever. This frustration accumulated for about three years. With the lack of results I got very discouraged over time. As a result, I wasn't consistent with the training. Because of the inconsistency, there were even less positive results.

Despite the hardship I never completely lost my desire to exercise.

On my fifteenth birthday I found a really good deal on an Olympic size weight bench. My dad bought it for ninety bucks. If you've never shopped for exercise equipment, that's definitely a bargain. I was back at training with gusto. In a short time I was once again frustrated. I was naive to the fact at the time, but the reason that I saw no results was I didn't understand the training effect or how to properly utilize it. I didn't even know the correct form and posture for most exercises. This ignorance can only lead to little or no results.

Thankfully I was blessed with an awesome friend who came along and offered to help me out. I began my training with David Brown every morning at 6:30. David proceeded to demonstrate the science behind strength training. My eyes were opened to a whole new world...