Strengths and Problem Solving Techniques

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This paper will attempt to describe the group setting where individual strengths and problem solving skills are used when applied to the group process and decision making. The asset verification team is one such group.

A team is a group of individuals that are brought together to accomplish a task or resolve a problem that cannot be successfully or proficiently completed by an individual. How much time the team must spend together can affect the ability of the team members to work together. The asset verification team is a group of individuals of varying expertise and experience who work together on a day to day basis. The group has been assigned to determine why the central office technicians are making so many scanning errors or card add jobs. It is standard procedure that when a card is replaced it is to be scanned out of its designated slot and the replacement scanned into that same slot.

There have been many trouble tickets coming from they systems department reporting missing card. The cards are not in fact missing, just not properly scanned in.

The team consists of 11 members; one leader, five with ten years experience and five with four years experience. The leader of the group is the Section Manager, who has both decision making and problem solving skills and strengths. In other words, the section manager had the ability to pass judgment on an issue that is under consideration and "the act of reaching a conclusion or making up one's mind." (Engleberg, 2007, Ch 9) The problem solving skills are the ability to analyze problems and develop a plan of action.

Another strength that the section manager has is the experience working in the group for thirteen years as both a specialist and a section manager. Therefore the...