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Stress is derived from the French word ?destresse? meaning placed under narrowness or oppression.

Stress has been called ?the invisible disease? It may affect you, your organization and any of the people in it. So you cannot afford to ignore it.

Stress in an individual is also defined as any interference that disturbs a person?s healthy mental and physical well-being. It occurs when the body is required to perform beyond its normal range of capabilities/capacities.

Stress is a: ?Funny? emotion!! Or Like a fire (enjoy its glow or fan them into huge fire).

Most of us handle routine stress readily. We can resolve our feelings and dissipate the tension. What is stressful for one person, however, may not be for another. Therefore it may be counter productive to tell someone not to worry about a situation, if we don?t consider the same situation as stressful. We all react to situations differently; it is just being human.

Sources Of Stress Every person has a personality that makes him/her different from others. The factors causing stress vary from person to person. Common sources of stress include Family matters, Financial issues, Living conditions, Corporate culture, Role ambiguity, Role conflict, Job overload, Working conditions, Managerial work.

Any changes in the routines of our lives ? even welcome ones can be stressful. Following is the list of a few events (derived from the above mentioned sources) that can cause stress. Again the impact may vary from person to person.

Death of a spouse Divorce Marital separation Personal injury or illness Marriage Dismissal from work Marital reconciliation Retirement Change in health of a family member Pregnancy Sex difficulties Gain of a new family member Business readjustment Change in financial state Death of a close friend Change to different line of work Change in no. of argument...