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StressThe word stress is a broad term and is used widely across many professions, yet it is not clearly defined and has no limitations. Stress is the new norm, whether you are a person or animal. Stress dominates life and my understanding of stress is that it is negative and can be categorized into two major groups; physical stress and mental stress. The word stress is derived from the Latin verb stringo, meaning to draw tight, graze or pluck and the meaning of stress is forever being expanded. There is some confusion as to an exact definition of stress but it is natural that different people have different definitions of stress due to the wide variety of cultures and views present.

Personally, stress is a negative part of my everyday life, but without stress, life would be boring as riding a merry-go-round (simile). However, it is important that stress is well-balanced because excessive amounts of stress have a negative impact on health and mental status.

Even in the recent past, the stress of completing the annual senior project has been built up since the beginning of the school year. From the stress, it has brought my health guards down, causing exposition to sickness, leaving me exhausted and temperamental (anadiplosis).

There are various influences on my view of stress; media, peers, and family shape my dynamic view of stress. Conceptions of those that influence our knowledge shape our views on stress and how we cope with stress. In the recent line of events between Megan, a close friend of mine, and me has caused our stress levels to heighten dramatically. Although it is rare for us quarrel, the backed up stress from demands of each other is causing our relationship to tumble downward in a spiral of chaos (metaphor). Fortunately,