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Stress in the Workplace

Don Carter

Grand Canyon University



Stress in the Workplace

Introduction: The levels of stress in the workplace seem to be at an all time high. Our current economic crisis can only exasperate the issue. Many believe that the rise in stress levels can be attributed to longer hours, shorter deadlines, personal issues and a workplace environment that is in the process of reducing employees while keeping the same quotas or goals. In this paper I will review stress in the workplace and its costs.

Stress in the workplace is becoming one of the largest health concerns we are facing in today's business world. A Gallup Poll sponsored by the Marlin Company found that eighty percent of workers feel some sort of stress on the job. Almost half of those polled said they need assistance in learning how to manage stress and that forty two say that their co-workers need help as well.

The poll showed some very concerning results in regards to stress related violence in the workplace. Fourteen percent of those polled said that have felt like hitting a co-worker in the past, twenty five percent said they have felt like screaming or shouting due to stress, ten percent are concerned about a co-worker becoming violent, nine percent are aware of a violent act at work and eighteen percent have experienced some sort of threat or verbal intimidation in the past year. (2011)

This poll and others like it are very disconcerting. As peoples personal lives are negatively affected by the current economic crisis the levels of stress can only increase. The thing not addressed in this poll are the ramifications to an employee's health that stress in...