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Blissfully Stressed

The definition of college is an organized group of professional people with particular aims, duties, and privileges. It is an establishment made to create society's future leaders stuffing the minds of students with an infinite amount of knowledge while creating an atmosphere of growth and self discovery. But at what cost does this new environment and unfathomable amount of knowledge come? Endless nights of studying, never ending expectations, excruciating amounts of homework, all while trying to balance work and a social life seem quite overwhelming from the prospective of a student. It is importance to create an image of independence for those who want to lead but, you cannot show too much otherwise you're considered a know it all causing you to be shunned by your peers. The baggage that comes with a college lifestyle can only cause one thing on the minds and bodies of a human, stress.

The cause and effects of stress can be unsightly, uncalled for, and sometimes self harming or it can feel like a breath of fresh air clearing someone's mind while guiding them down the road of success.

Sweaty palms, growling stomachs, broken hearts, and scattered thoughts can all be triggered due to stress. The competition in different fields of study has increased greatly as more and more students attempt to leave a legacy behind in college. In the process of reaching a certain level of contentment, daily routines are altered to fit the fast paced life style of college. Simple everyday tasks such as eating habits have become an option rather than a priority. According to life guru and blogger Krystle Colon, students have become "too busy with their friends or studying for exams, [causing] many of them [to not] have the time or the means to eat a well-balanced...