Stress and How it Affects Your Health (Second Try, The first one I did not put everything in the correct way)

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AbstractIt is very interesting to look at how stress affects so many different areas of our lives. Everyone handles stress differently and some people don't get as stressed out about things as others do. One thing that I have learned is that if we learn to handle stress with a positive attitude and don't try to avoid it, (Because it is unavoidable) we may actually reap positive benefits from these stressful situations. If we leam to deal with stress effectively, it can help us be ready for the next stressful situation. It can actually keep us healthier, whereas, not dealing with it will only make it stay around and cause us physical, emotional or mental strain. In everyday life we all encounter stress we can let it overwhelm us or we can rise to the challenges and grow personally or even advance in our endeavors. We need to learn to not let stress get the best of us and it easily can by making us grumpy, depressed, filled with anxiety, sick or even overweight.

I tried to find some information that would help bring to light some ways to, help us become more optimistic, and ways to improve how we deal with our stress.

Stress and How it Affects our HealthAs I started researching stress and how it affects our health, I realize that stress can be in every comer of our lives. It's not only traumatic events, and it is not just personal or work related events. It can be an accumulation of all of these things, and it can become overwhelming if we let it. In reading about stress I believe that we can let it get the best of us or we can deal with it positively. Personally, I have had my share of stress. The way...