Stress and Coping

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Torres, Reyna

AP Psychology

Period 2


Stress and Coping

People have many different opinions about stress. The truth is that stress is a physiological and also a transactional process. Stress is an unwelcomed psychological or physiological state produced in response to a stressor. A stressor is a demand made by the internal or external environment that upset balance. It's the situation, individual or object that causes a state of stress in the individual. Stressors are not always the same for all people; what seems stressful to one person might be enjoyable for someone else.

Stress happens when we feel that we can't manage with pressure and this pressure comes in numerous aspects and arrangements, and generates physiological responses. Not every individual is the same; we react to stress in various distinct ways. There are many factors that cause stress. Daily hassles are one of them. Daily hassles are annoyances that occur in everyday life.

Kids won't stop screaming, your boss has been threatening to fire you because you turned a report in late, or you have way too many essays to type. All these things add up to your stress, until you cannot handle it anymore.

The death of a loved one, rape, or marriage separation are life events which are also stressors. Catastrophes like tornadoes, earthquakes, or nuclear bombing are absolutely contributors to stress level. If the catastrophic stressor is harsh or prolonged, the response is difficult so recovery and adaptation may take longer. If many stressors are added up together, you body's resistance to stress is lower, and exhaustion is reached sooner.

People cope with stressors in their own way. Some people change the situation. They avoid the stressor or they alter it. Others might change their reaction. They adapt to the stressors or just simply...